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    About us
    Tel :  +86-576-8351 8393 +86-576-8351 8366  E-mail :  01@three-v.com
      Enterprise Vision: Forge international first-class manufacture base of adhesive tape
    Corporate Values: 
    Be responsible for the society and customers with high sense of responsibility
    Operation Philosophy and Mode of Enterprise:
    --Operation Philosophy “Take Market as Guidance, Make
    Development by Innovation, High-quality, Credible”
    --Business Model:
    ---- Market Internationalization: 
    Based on Sanmen, Face the Whole Country, Have the Whole World in View, Realize Transnational and Trans-regional Development
    ---- Business Branding:
     Base on Existing Business, Enter High-end Market, Forge Sanwei Brand with All Strength
    --- Operation Capitalization:
     Combine Product Operation with Capital Operation, Realize High-speed Growth of Enterprise    
    Enterprise Spirit: Credible, Pragmatic, Innovative, Outstanding   Enterprise Mission:  meet the requirements of economic globalization and the era of knowledge economy, make institutional innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and cultural innovation, realize sustainable development of enterprise, make contribution to the economic prosperity and social progress of China and provide wide development space for staff.